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Jl. KH. Abdullah Syafei No.23, RT.1/RW.1, Kb. Baru, Tebet, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12830

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PT Global Mapindo Palm Oil Consultant is a professional and experienced team in the field of palm oil, we are providing services in how to build a plantation in order to grow and develop according to the rules of construction of a plantation. ranging from, Backup area, land clearing, Seeding, Planting, Plant Maintenance, and Construction Plant, Harvesting and Palm Oil Mill. 
The results of a survey of the area planted (planted) leads to more productivity in the form of potential crop production area so as to know the level or grade of the plantation area, which in turn can be known costs and rehabilitation plan area. Scope of work includes checking on the quality of the survey area, the condition of the plant in the form of quality maintenance (keep up) and the quantity of stands and area mapping survey sample.

Implementation consultancy development work include:
1. The Land Claring
2. Blocking area
3. Nurseries
4. Piling point of planting
5. Planting crops
6. Immature Plant Care
7. Generating Plant Care
8. Crop Pest Control
9. Control of Plant Diseases
10. Manjemen Harvest
11. Census Plants
12. Land Suitable Unit
13. And others,

And research activities directly to the prospective location of oil palm plantations in order to get more accurate data as the data of crops, soil data in the form of physical and chemical conditions of the soil, soil pH, altitude, vegetation state area in the form of shrubs, bushes conversion, condition reeds and secondary forests. The dominant vegetation communities in the form of field crops and annual fruit tree crops yearly. The topography of the area surveyed and supporting landscapes such as the condition of access roads, water sources such as rivers and plains areas. Other support resources as well as socio-economic conditions of society.

Techniques and methods implemented include:

1. Identification Physical Environment (environmental candidate garden)
2. Transport and communications,
3. History of the status of the land,
4. Conditions Climate, Geology and parent material,
5. Topography and shape of the regions, Vegetation, Land / Soil, Water
6. Socio-Economic Analysis (Public Administration)
7. Population, availability of labor, culture and customs
8. Rate public education about,
8. Analysis where the company)
9. Land Suitability Analysis
10. Intake of sample points, analysis of potential production)
11. The Climate Analysis (Climatology)
12. Mapping survey
13. Conclusions and Recommendations (Eksecutive Summary)

Besides that we also provide services
1. Feasibility Study Plantation Development
2. Plantation Development Supervisory Consultant
3. Consultant Maintenance Supervisor Plantation
4. Appraisal Due during deligence
5. Implementation Consultant Air Shooting
6. Held GIS Mapping Training
7. Development Feasibility Study Agreement
8. Creating Contour Map of Earth Radar Map Latest Coverage

Our goal is to improve your productivity (and therefore your profit margins) and at the same time reduce possible environmental problems. Our mission is to assist you in making decisions, support you with our knowledge and experience and advise you on the right produce and products for your plantation. As a consequence of our vast experience base and long standing reputation for excellence in Plantation Development, We are able to offer provide other services in addition to oil palm plantations as
  • Consulting Services and ongoing Management Services.
  • Environmental Soil and Landscape Processes
  • Plant Genetics and Breeding
  • Soil and Crop Management
  • Cropping Systems and Plant Nutrition
  • MarketResearch
  • Company Research