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About Agronomist

Agronomy is the science, economics, and application of soil and plant production with a strong emphasis in land management. It is the application of a combination of sciences such as biology, chemistry, ecology, earth science, and genetics and typically focuses on agriculture and its processes.

Agronomy Consultant will provide a full range of agronomic and Plantation consultancy services, whilst simultaneously ensuring that clients are kept aware of the most up to date technology and new techniques. 
An Agronomist – also known as an Agricultural Engineer – is a qualified person trained in expert soil management and field-crop production. They have a post-graduate degree in agriculture or science. They have knowledge in biology and physiology. They are knowledgeable in soils, crops and pastures, along with agricultural chemicals, pests and diseases. They can interpret and analyse researched results and are great problem solvers. They are highly organized and great planners.Agronomists provide a wealth of information to farmers to maximize the potential of their fields by assisting them with critical decisions regarding soil and plant health, including Seed production and physiology; Plant management, genetics and breeding; Crop rotation; Soil testing, classification and conservation; Weed, insect and pest control; Irrigation and drainage; and Chemical and fertilization plans

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