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Scope of Services


Objectives and Targets Objective and Target in this feasibility study is to conduct activities and research directly to the prospective location of suitability oil palm plantation land analysis in order to obtain more accurate data as the data of crops, soil data in the form of physical and chemical conditions of the soil, soil pH, altitude, state of the vegetation areas such as bushes, shrubs co=nversion, the condition of the reeds and secondary forests. The society’s dominant vegetations are in the form of yearly fruit crops and annual tree crops. The topography of the area surveyed and supporting landscapes such as the condition of access roads, water sources such as rivers and plains areas. Other support resources as well as socio-economic conditions of society
In this study, an assumption is taken to finance the construction and operation of plantation sourced from financing Equity (Equity Capital) that the Company/Investor, or sourced from other financing institutions or share financing sources either alone or supporting financial institutions. This assumption aims to reduce the number of charge during the first year of operation. Total cost is too large compared with its own capital budget will result in a load that is too heavy, so it can endanger the liquidity and profitability of the company operating the project (plantation).
    Scope Of Work
  1. Legality
  2. Area Planted Location
  3. Occupation and mapping  area
  4. Land clearing area planted
  5. Social case.
  6. Class Potential Plantation
  7. Class Soil Fit To Area Plant
  8. Budget Progress  
  9. Resume


Objective and Target Plan layout in the plantation and the divided section, the year of planting, plant materials, blocks, nurseries, road network, drainage, location of factories, offices, housing, public facilities and social facilities are described in the master map (plotting design)

Objectives and Targets in this activity is to provide the direction of development in accordance with the principles of agronomy and minimize the development budget in the plantation that has been outlined
     Scope of Work
  1. Plot of Main Design
  2. Land Clearing
  3. Nurseries
  4. Cultivation
  5. Plant Care
  6. Harvest Preparation of First Planting
  7. Human Resource



Objective and Target Auditing Implementation of the work that has been or is being, and will take place and is exactly needs to be done on the basis of a thorough evaluation of the system and subsystems are implemented in accordance with the standards of the garden if the existing operating procedure, irregularities or omissions intentionally or natural constraints that occur, in order to know state of the actual / actual as a basis for decision making.

Objectives and Targets in this activity is to provide work direction of oil palm plantations in accordance with the rules of agronomy and and streamline clicking garden development budget has been in outlined
     Scope of Work
  1. Identification Problems in general plantation
  2. Corruption that occurred within a specific company management officials
  3. The maximal output enter each section
  4. Harvesting
  5. Up Keep
  6. Irregularities committed by the employee field ( Manipulation Daily Work / BHL , Manipulation Fertilizers , FFB , CPO etc.



Objective and Target, Due deligence activities are activities to take over the estate, targets to be achieved to survey the area and survey the area tertanamlebih productivity leads to a potential for crop production area so as to know the level or grade of the plantation area, which in turn can be known costs and plans rehabilitation areas. Scope of work includes checking on the quality of the survey area, the condition of the plant in the form of quality maintenance (keep up) and the quantity of stands and area mapping

Due deligence activities include two aspects of the survey techniques

a.  Basic Survey

To know the general condition of the plant, environmental, infrastructure facilities and planting area that affects the performance of the plantation. With the following data requirements: company licensing status, history of the land, plants Acres Statement, Recommendation Fertilization, Standardization Maintenance, Production, target achievement of fertilization, crop rotation, rainfall data, Social Aspects, organizational structure.

b.  Detail Survey
is the continued implementation of the Basic Survey in which more in-depth survey conducted with more detailed observations. To know in detail and accurately the quality and quantity of the condition of each tree, environment, infrastructure facilities and extensive planting area that affects the performance of the plantation.

     Scope of Work

  1. Legality
  2. Planted and non Planted Area
  3. Year Planted Plantation
  4. Mapping Progress
  5. Infrastructure Plantation Progress 
  6. Social case
  7. Class Potential Plantation
  8. Class Soil Fit To Area Plant
  9. Rehabilitation Cost 
  10. Budget Progress
  11. Resume



Geographic information system (GIS) or System-Based Mapping and Geographic Information is an information management tools such as computer-aided system that is closely related to mapping and analysis of all things and events that happen on earth.

GIS technology integrates database-based of data processing operations that is commonly used today, such as retrieval of data based on need, and statistical analysis using the unique visualization and able to offer a range of benefits through geographic analysis through the map images.
These capabilities make GIS information system is different from information systems in general and make it worthwhile for companies belonged to the community or individuals to provide an explanation of an event, making forecasting events, and other strategic planning.
GIS technology invites us to work together in a unity of information, which has the power in solving problems that are often encountered in the work referenced of geography.



In the effort to approach and introduce GIS technology to companies,  institutions and organizations who are working in the era of geo-based       information systems, PT CIC is proud to annouce that we have just opened a new division (CORE Trainings) to periodically conduct workshop and trainings of ArcView GIS Mapping for professionals, Corporate and beginners.

ArcView training is a training of Mapping with ArcView GIS systems and GPS  operations that can be overlaid with Landsat image maps, radar images and maps of the earth as well as the ability to convert JPG scanned images into corrected maps with Geodetic coordinates and UTM as well as on-screen digitizing that is user friendly and powerful with a standard display presentation.

       Scope Of Work  

  1. Starting and Setting system Arcview
  2. Synchronization between the map and the world .
  3. Working with a Theme ( Point , Line , and Polygon )
  4. Display layer by layer worksheet
  5. Analyzing potential worksheet like ( Calculating Area , coordinates position , etc. )
  6. Geo Processing Wizard
  7. Using Digital Image Map
  8. Layout and Printing
  9. Being able to use GPS
  10. Displaying and editing GPS data into ArcView GIS


  1. Agriculture Plantation Tourism
  2. Presentation Data
  3. Information Take Over Plantation Data
  4. Making Budget Data Other Client
  5. Operating Plantation
  6. Recruitment Plantation Staff
  7. Market Research
  8. Market Investigation
  9. Directory Palm Oil
  10. Studies Palm Oil

Palm Oil Mill

The project work will be divided into 4 main stages and later, further sub-divided in accordance with the yet-to-be-determined Phases of development.