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We also conduct research studies , and a directory of companies engaged in the plantation and market analysis concerning all areas of agronomy , some of our studies book became a best seller as below
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The increasing interest in investment of oil palm plantations and processing is a recent phenomenon that is very interesting to observe, because the foreign players such as Malaysia is currently in the process of expanding its land area in Indonesia since the country's land for oil palm plantations is very limited. In addition, the Indonesian government itself provides a fairly extensive opportunities for investors who will develop oil palm plantations in Indonesia, among those is to provide an opportunity for investors to develop oil palm plantations in the border area between Malaysia and Indonesia in Borneo island and in Sumatra, of which the government has provided a fairly wide area around 1.5 million hectares to 2 million hectares. From the observation and study of CIC, banks are also quite active in providing funding in this sector. Several banks that are currently active in funding for this sector are Bank Mandiri, Bank BRI, Bank Bukopin, Bank BNI and Bank Permata as well as other private banks. This Book Include CD (Ompact Disk) with XL Cost Built The Plantation.


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Palm Oil Plantation has to be excellent for agribusiness farmers in Indonesia , but with limited development mills ( POM ) resulting crop farmers can not be purchased by existing mills around the planters, so many farmers are losing their crops due not can be sold , while the large estates tend to build MCC in accordance with the processing capacity of the total area of the Plantation, and if they are able to buy from the farmers most only 30 %.

PT CIC makes the study of business opportunities to build oil palm processing plant , equipped with an engine capacity and SOPs and Manpower Requirement , and this book is indispensable for investors who will build oil palm plantations.


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CONTRIBUTIONS OF INDUSTRY SUB-SECTOR WHICH BELONG TO THE PALM OIL INDUSTRIAL. Cluster and its derivatives such as Oleochemical industry for export growth in particular and the Gross Domestic Product (GDF) of Indonesia in general is still quite large. Oil palm plantations and Crude Palm Oil (CPO) products in Indonesia is the largest in the World today. Under these conditions, allowing Indonesia to develop the derivatives industry of CPO / PKO, Including bio-energy industries such as bio-diesel and biogas.

According to Official Statistics No. 08/02/Th.XV, dated February 1, 2012, published by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the contribution of export of fats and animal / vegetable oils toward the value of Indonesia’s non-oil exports in 2011 totaled 13.37 percent, the second largest after mineral fuels which its contribution was recorded at 16.94 per cent,. Export value of fats and animal / vegetable oils in 2011 reached U.S$.162,023.5 million.

Increasing in term of contribution of the palm oil industry cluster and its derivatives to the value of exports and GDP is quite attractive for the related industries and other supporting industries and others supporting industries to further enhance its role. To support these efforts, it needs reliable information of business in the oil palm industry cluster, and the directory is prepared to meet these needs.


Study on Production Potential and Prospect of CPO Export In Indonesia 2012 - 2017

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Market potential of Indonesia's Crude palm oil and its derivatives in both the domestic and export markets in the coming years are expected to increase rapidly. Indonesia is currently the leading exporter of crude palm oil / palm oil in the world which will soon change the market paradigm toward a more specific commodity , which are the CPO and its value- added derivatives business developments

This study is aimed to evaluate the results of development and progress that has been achieved in the field of oil palm plantations in Indonesia, bith from industry and downstream processing of palm oil in recent years, aswell as the perpetrators. in this study, the role of Indonesian palm industry agains palm oil world will also be discussed on, both in terms of production, exports, imports, and consumption and trade system.

In general, the preparation of this study is aiming to the potential of Indonesian Crude Palm Oil production and how the export prospects and its derivatives in the next five years (2012-2017). This study process is conducted into two approaches, namely


Rubber Estate Investment Feasibility Study in Indonesia
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Rubber is one of the leading commodity in the agricultural sector . According to data from Statistics Indonesia Plantation 2010-2012 , Directorate General of Plantation , Indonesian rubber plantation area in 2010 recorded 3.45 million hectares with a production of 2.73 million tons . These commodities provide a substantial contribution to the Indonesian economy with the export value in 2010 of US $ 7,326.61 million .

Based on consideration of the principles of the various aspects , has prompted CIC to prepare a Feasibility Study Investment Rubber Plantation . In this book are presented , ( i ) the prospects and opportunities of commodity markets Indonesian natural rubber , ( ii ) management and technology planting rubber , which includes requirements grow rubber plants and the climatic and soil fertility , clones recommendation and other rubber planting techniques from start planting until harvest , and ( iii ) investment needs rubber plantation concessions in the form of a financial analysis .

The study was primarily intended to evaluate the progress made by Indonesia in the development of Indonesian natural rubber plantations .

In general, the preparation of this study aims to provide an overview of the development and the area of Indonesian natural rubber production broken down by status pengusahaannya namely ; Smallholders ( PR ) , Big Country Estates ( PBN ) and Large Private Estates ( PBS ) and presented by province . In addition, the data presented rubber export and import growth are presented by type of commodity and country of destination / origin